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research coordinator
ext. expert of the EC


  • MD, PhD, MSc, DSc. Habil, EC, FESC Professor of Cardiology and Internal Medicine,
    at the University of Medicine, Farmaceutics, Science and Technology from Tîrgu Mureș, Romania
  • Head of the Cardiology Clinic, Head of the Coronary & Cardiac Critical Care Unit,
    at the County Clinical Emergency Hospital from Tîrgu Mureș, Romania
  • Editor-in-chief | Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine
  • Managing Editor | Journal of Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • External Expert and Vice-Chair | European Commission - Horizon 2020 programme
  • President | Mures branch of the Romanian Society of Cardiology
  • President | Cardiology Committee, Romanian Ministry of Health


  • Habilitat: Medicine (2013) | Univ. of Medicine and Pharmacy, Târgu Mureș
  • Master: Sanitary Management (2005-2006) | Univ. of Medicine and Pharmacy, Târgu Mureș
  • Doctor in Medical Sciences: Medicine (1992-2002) | Univ. of Medicine and Pharmacy, Târgu Mureș
  • Economist: Faculty of Economic Sciences (2002-2007) | “Petru Maior” Univ., Târgu Mureș
  • Medic: General Medicine (1991-1997) | Univ. of Medicine and Pharmacy, Târgu Mureș


Theodora Benedek runs the Cardiology Clinic at the Tîrgu Mureș County Emergency Clinical Hospital, an elite clinic that offers patients from all over the country access to the most modern and complex methods of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The Cardiology Clinic in Târgu Mureș functions as a tertiary reference center for cardiovascular emergencies in an area with a population of 2 million inhabitants and the unit of surveillance and advanced treatment for critically ill cardiac patients in this clinic has the lowest mortality in Romania in treatment acute myocardial infarction.

Within the clinic, there are several national programs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (interventional treatment of acute myocardial infarction, percutaneous dilation, implantation of intracardiac stimulators and defibrillators, interventional electrophysiology, complex ablations), through which patients from all over the country are successfully treated, benefiting from complex procedures through minimally invasive techniques.

The endowment of the Cardiology Clinic is state-of-the-art in the field of cardiology. The laboratory of cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology, as well as the USTACC unit benefit from the endowment with medical equipment at the highest European standards, worth several million EURO.

The research group led by Prof. Theodora Benedek includes 20 PhD students and 7 postdoctoral researchers, who can benefit from a modern research infrastructure, with all the necessary facilities for excellent research. The collaboration with Cardiomed Hospital's research center offers researchers access to a state-of-the-art research infrastructure, including 128-slice Computer Tomography equipment (the best in Romania), cardiac MRI and numerous imaging post-processing software obtained through numerous research grants won in national and international competitions. Intense research activity has led to numerous research projects funded by the European Union and the Government of Romania, as well as a record number of scientific publications in high impact international journals (European Heart Journal, American Heart Journal, Nature Cardiovascular Medicine, Cardiovascular Research, etc.).

The cardiovascular disease research group from Târgu Mureș has close collaborations with the research teams from Oxford, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, New York, Rotterdam, etc., with which it has developed numerous joint projects. At the same time, this group conducted over 30 industry-funded international multicenter clinical trials for various cardiovascular medications.

Prof. Theodora Benedek has been the European Commission's External Expert for life sciences research programs for 13 years and for the past 5 years, she has been Vice-Chair in two scientific panels of the European Commission.

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The main research topics of the group led by Prof. Theodora Benedek include imaging and treatment of vulnerable atheromatous plaque, myocardial viability, heart failure, acute coronary syndromes, advanced CT and MRI imaging, systemic inflammation and epicardial tissue in cardiovascular disease.

The editorial activity of the research group includes an ISI (Journal of Cardiovascular Energencies), and a BDI (Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine), of which Theodora Benedek is editor-in-chief, but also the founding of a scientific publishing house - Kastel Press Publishing House.

Theodora Benedek is the co-owner of Teleki Castle in Dumbrăvioara, Mureș County, an emblem of Transylvanian history, a castle that since 2021 hosts a series of scientific events as well as debates on topics of general interest.